MSLB Simulators
  • An MSLB Simulator is custom designed to match your fleet of boats, and provide an immersive training experience.
  • MSLB Simulators create an enclosed simulator mounted on a motion platform to replicate the experience of driving a small boat.
  • The simulator will mimic the coxswain’s station, including controls, instrumentation and layout.
MSLB Simulators 11m RIB Prototype

  • A simulated environment and simulated vessel that responds as the actual vessel does in the water are created in software in consultation with the user.
  • The unit is a fully self-contained simulator that can be transported between different locations.
  • A series of pre-set exercises are co-created that allow for incremental training and development.
  • Training and support for instructors on the use of the simulator includes on-going development of exercises.